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Advise on streamlining and finding tutorials

Question asked by ParTuresson on Aug 4, 2013
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Advise on streamlining and finding tutorials


     I am entirely new to this!  Would love some input on how to STRUCTURE A DATABASE for my small business, AND help to FIND THE BEST TUTORIALS for creating that structure.
     Ideally I’d like something such as:

     A PRICE LIST with a “click” or “drag and drop” function where items END UP IN A QUOTE template document that I can send (maybe convert to PDF first?).
     I’d like this quote document to EASILY TRANSLATE INTO AN INVOICE, RECEIPT, AND PURCHASE ORDER. Each document would reveal slightly different information. For instance, the customers prices and my PO prices to the manufacturer would be different.

     Also, can I link a database to my website?
     Maybe a customer could enter their contact details and click on items in a list on the website. Then the request would be automatically entered into a quote document that either I send or that is sent automatically.  

     If background is needed here it is:

     I import machines from Germany to the US.
     I sell 2-5 per month working towards 15 per month.
     I have a website but no prices on the site.
     They are affected by the currency exchange.
     People contact me for price quotes.
     With an excel price list I calculate the price.
     Then write a Word quote and send as PDF.
     When people want to buy I either,
     write a Paypal invoice which automatically generates a receipt.
     write a Word invoice and send as PDF with a followup receipt in Word/PDF  when the a bank transfer has cleared.
     When the payment has cleared I write a purchase order to Germany and send as PDF.

     Now, this has to be streamlined!
     What do I do to easily manage this without too many documents.

     Any help is appreciated.
     Thanks a bunch!