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Again Many to Many Relationships

Question asked by dinora on Mar 21, 2009
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Again Many to Many Relationships


I am still having a difficult time making this work -  I have

Country Table

City Table

Tour Table

Supplier Table


1.- My Suppliers can operate in one country only - So I have a relation between country and Suppliers  Country-----<Suppliers - There can be many suppliers in one country


2.- Each City can only be in one country - So again City--------<Country


3.- My products are tours - So tours can operate in one city  City-----------<Tours - One city can offer many tours


4.- Now I need link the suppliers to the tours as each supplier can operate the same tour - so rather than creating the tour multiple times for each supplier I need to allocate the tour multiple times to multiple suppliers - Many to Many


5.- What I want is on the suppliers table to have a tab where I can allocate the tours


Can you help with the diagram of the many to many - The idea is that when allocation a tour to a supplier I will only display the cities that belong the country where the supplier works and the tours that only belong to the city where I am allocating the tour


For example


Supplier A - Is in Argentina

Tours tables has two tours in Buenos Aires Tour A and Tour B


I want to go to my supplier table under the tour tab and have a portal where I will choose the ports available to Argentina - In this case Buenos Aires and based on that choose either Tour A or Tour B which are tours available in Buenos Aires