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    Again Web publishing



      Again Web publishing


      Chi lo sa?

      Ai tempi di “webcompanion” era possibile con un

      [FMP-include: aFile.txt] ( “aFile.txt” è nome di fantasia)

      predisporre i vari records di un database secondo la personale esigenza.

      Questa possibilita’ è definitivamente scomparsa o no?

      Grazie per l'attenzione


      Who knows?

      At the time of "webcompanion" it was possible with an [FMP-include: AFile.txt] ("AFile.txt" is an invented name)

      tio prepare various records of a database according to personal need.

      This possibility is definitely gone or not?

      many thanks for any response



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          What would you want to display on the layout for this? If this is a set of data from one or more records in the database, it can be displayed much like you would with just FileMaker. If this is a document such as a PDF file, a container or maybe a web viewer (not sure you can use a web viewer with IWP), might be setup to display it.