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    Again Wondering about line items



      Again Wondering about line items


      I am not to happy about the the line items setup in my database , 


      At this moment running a invoice sulotion that doing its goal but stil there a LOT off down sides for example 

      the line items are as follow for each order (invoice) there is a PK_line items at this time the record id keep going on and on 

      would it be beter if record id start at 1 each time a KP¨line items is generated ? 


      the next frustration is i wonna export all orders with line items to a second invoice database not working i can see all the data exept line items its kinda dope , ( its a duplicate fields are the same formulas ... ) 


      the main goal is gonna be::  in the store i want evryday a clean database meaning all orders need to be transferd not possible at this time custemors products... no problem