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AGAIN: find duplicate values

Question asked by rudihoremans on Oct 21, 2014
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AGAIN: find duplicate values


Database with unique SKU_number as unique ID. To each record are linked several remote containers with images. Field "Path" is the physical path to the image on our file servers. Import is done via script:

Set Variable [$PicturePath; Value: "imagemac:/" & TABLENAME::Path]
Go to Field [TABLENAME:Image]
Insert Picture ["$PicturePath"]

As several pictures are linked to several unique SKU_numbers, I would like to normalise the database in a many-to-many relationship via jointable. Works fine. Images are now in a separate table and via join table can be seen in main table in a portal.
The images table however now contains a lot of duplicate entries I would like to eliminate. The "Path" field is here the unique identifier to determine if an image is a duplicate or not. That path however exceeds more often than not 100 characters (as it refers to server/directory/subdirectory1/sub-subdirectory2/etc.... and finally the actual filename plus extension).
How do I find these duplicates as indexing only sees the first 100 characters ?