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Age calculation from DOB field

Question asked by jetasent on Mar 9, 2011
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Age calculation from DOB field


I am a relatively novice FMP user, so please bear with me if this is a simple calculation. 

I have two fields in my database: one with the DOB and one that calculates age from the DOB. However, sometimes the DOB is unknown and the field is entered as 1/1/1900.  I need the calculated age to return as "Not provided" when that happens while still calculating an age if another date is entered.  Here is the current age calculation:

Year(Get(CurrentDate)) - Year(DOB) - If(Get(CurrentDate)< Date(Month(DOB); Day(DOB); Year(Get(CurrentDate))); 1; 0)

What do I need to add to it to get "Not Provided" to come up if the DOB field equals 1/1/1900?