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Age calculation not updating

Question asked by Dasher on Dec 18, 2009
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Age calculation not updating


I'm using Filemaker Pro 9.0. I have two fields, Date of Birth and Age. Date of Birth is a Date type and Age is a Calculation type set to return a number. This is what I have to calculate the age.


<!--  StartFragment  -->

Let ([

now =Get ( CurrentDate ) ;

thisBD= Date ( Month ( Date of Birth ) ; Day ( Date of Birth ) ; Year ( now ) ) ;

passed= now < thisBD

] ;

Year (now ) - Year ( Date of Birth ) - passed


<!--  EndFragment  -->


I got this from a forum I don't remember. The age does not update when the current date changes. I have to update the drop down calendar (select it and then press enter) from the Date of Birth field to calculate the current age. Any thoughts on what's wrong. Also, I don't know what "thisBD" represents.