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Aggregated totals in multi column report / table

Question asked by andrewwoodward on Jan 22, 2014
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Aggregated totals in multi column report / table


     Hi all, I have a basic transaction and expense category reporting database that records transactions straight from bank and credit card statements.  I need to produce a number of summary reports each with a common denominator of having multiple (time-based) columns representing summaries of the transactional data by category.  An example might be monthly totals across the page, or quarterly, or annual or even 'this year last year'.  

     Can someone please help me understand if:

     1. I need more sophisticated data modelling (only use two tables at the moment, being transactions and category)

     2. the approach I would take with the Filemaker functions etc.

     Just looking for a thread / approach I can nut through.  Thanks in advance.