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Aging report error - FIND does not work.

Question asked by robyne on Feb 28, 2015
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Aging report error - FIND does not work.


I have been running this aging report for several years, with no problems.  Suddenly, I can no longer find the correct data set.  Any thoughts about why?  Am using FM12 with Mac OS 10.7 & 10.8.    See details below.  I can no longer do a correct Find in my Current Balance Field.  If I put in >0, I find items that are zero AND that are empty AND that are greater than zero. 


Go to layout [Aging Dialog]

Enter Find Mode [restore, pause]

  Find mode Invoices::current balance > 0  AND  invoice::current balance < 0

Perform Find

Then the script sorts & sends you to the proper layout.


Current Balance is defined as a calc field:  INV Amount Due  + late fee - Payments- Credit-Write off - commissions

**Payments is a calc field that pulls the "summary of all payments" from the payments table.  I am assuming the problem lies here but I don't understand why it's worked all this time and now is failing