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    Alerts for expiring image rights



      Alerts for expiring image rights


      I would like to know how to create an alert for when image rights will expire. I am managing a large library of images, some of which have expiration dates, and I would like to set up alerts at different times to let me know in advance that an image will be expiring.

      I have no experience with FM Pro 11, and I am using a free trial. If I can easily perform this task, I will then purhcase the full software.

      Thank You!

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          Generally, such date based notifications are implemented in filemaker with a script set to run when the file is opened. The script would perform a find for all records that are within x-days of expiring. If any such records are found, a message is displayed listing them and warning the user that the images are nearing expiration.

          The exact details will depend on the structure of your database table where you store your images (or references to their files).

          There are also ways this script can be set to run when a specific account name is used so that other users to whom the warning message does not apply don't see it.

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            How do you make a script to do this?

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              In File Options, you can select a scrip that will be performed when the file opens.

              Say you want to be alerted of all files who will expire in 5 days or less...

              Freeze Window
              Go To Layout [ImageTable]
              Enter Find Mode []
              Set Field [ImageTable::ExpirationDate ; ">" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 5 ]
              Set Error capture [on]
              Perform Find[]
              If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 /* expiration records were found */]
                  Refresh Window
                  Sort Records [no dialog ; restore] //specify a sort order that makes sense to you
                  Show Custom Dialog ["These images will expire sometime in the next 5 days"]
                  Go TO Layout [//select the layout you expect see if no expiring image records were found]
              End If

              This is a bare bones script. There are lots of ways to enhance it. In particular, there are ways to tag the records if you don't want to keep seeing them listed after the initial warning message appears.