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Question asked by obidon on Mar 6, 2013
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     Can somebody suggest a solution to my problem with the algebra please. The structure of my formula is wrong

     I am working on an electrical system.   I have created a calculation, which identifies a fault when certain conditions occur. (r1 is a text filed which may contain numbers)

     Fault Generation

     In the case of live CSA =  2.5 only. A fault is generated

     when the OPD = 32amp

     and r1 ≠ LIM or Number

     and rn ≠ LIM or Number

     and r2 ≠ LIM or Number.


     My formula construction is not correct.


     If ( Cable Ratings Data Source::Rating = 2.5 

     and OPD Ratings Data Source::Rating  =  32

     and ( IsEmpty ( Filter ( R1 Ring Line Impedance ; "0123456789" ) ) or R1 Ring Line Impedance  ≠  "LIM" )

      ; "Fault" ; "Okay" )