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aligning merge fields

Question asked by vmtc on Sep 20, 2010
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aligning merge fields



I have a statement with detailed lines of earnings, not all of which are used on every statement. Essentially there is a text component on the left, and a number component on the right. So for example you'd have

Credit brought forward:        $25.68

Earned this period:               $62.22

There's many possible lines. I found that using merge fields was the best way to get rid of potential blanks, and also allow everything to fit more neatly on the page.

However, sometimes the text on the left hand side might go over two lines. When this happens everything on the right hand side is thrown out of alignment. Is there any way you can connect the merge fields on each side that should go together, so they always display on the same horizontal line?

I'm using Filemaker Pro 10 on Mac OSX (but DB also runs on various Windows platforms).

All help much appreciated.