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    aligning merge fields



      aligning merge fields



      I have a statement with detailed lines of earnings, not all of which are used on every statement. Essentially there is a text component on the left, and a number component on the right. So for example you'd have

      Credit brought forward:        $25.68

      Earned this period:               $62.22

      There's many possible lines. I found that using merge fields was the best way to get rid of potential blanks, and also allow everything to fit more neatly on the page.

      However, sometimes the text on the left hand side might go over two lines. When this happens everything on the right hand side is thrown out of alignment. Is there any way you can connect the merge fields on each side that should go together, so they always display on the same horizontal line?

      I'm using Filemaker Pro 10 on Mac OSX (but DB also runs on various Windows platforms).

      All help much appreciated.


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          Instead of having so many fields in one record, you could use a list view layout of simpler records where you have just two fields: AmountDesc, Amount

          Make amount description two lines of text tall and set it to slide up, resize enclosing part to remove unused space when the layout is printed/previewed.

          Summary fields can then comput a grand total for display in a footer or trailing grand summary layout part.

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            Thanks, but I don't think this solves my problem. I need the lines, they give information to the people who get the statements, and they need to be differentiated, since info is imported from other tables (ie one AmountDesc field would mean a lot of manual work). To be more specific, they outline whether a book has local sales, export sales, permission fees, whether an author has charges against their names and similar things. I sometimes need to add GST (ie when applicable) to Australian income, but not export income, so this means I need to separate Aust income.

            I did initially try having the fields listed with sliding on, but it didn't seem to work that well. Merge works beautifully except for the alignment.

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              I don't see the problem, but then I only have the tiniest glimpse of your database structure. This set up should not require any more manual data entry than what you have now and it may require much less. The information would be differentiated, that's the purpose of the AmountDesc field. Other fields in this table would be used to link it to the appropriate book record and so forth. Think of this like an invoice where each of these rows specifies a different item being purchased in one sales transaction.

              What problems did you encounter when you tried to use the sliding option?

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                Thanks for this. I've been away, and only just got back to it. I obviously had this completely wrong, and I still can't get my head around how to get the info into the new table, since the sources are varied, and several are calculated as well. But I will think through that when I get the chance, because I'm sure you're right and the way I'm doing things now is too complicated. In the meantime I've gone for a short term solution, as I need to get this lot of statements out.

                So thankfully, I solved the sliding problem, which turned out to be a text box on the side which I didn't count as 'something directly above' but FM did. Now that I've extended that box down the page sliding is working fine. 

                Another problem I've got though is with the same side panel on a summary layout (it is part of the letterhead with address details). The problem is it's longer than the body part and I don't know how to display it. Is it possible to isolate a static text box from the parts system so that it doesn't repeat itself down the page? 

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                  Cancel that request. I started the page from scratch and text box on side is working fine...