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Aligning text in labels

Question asked by AmberSaundry on Sep 8, 2011
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Aligning text in labels


Hi there,

This probably seems like a silly question but I heve searched and can't find a good answer.  I am using FM Pro 9.

I have a label layout in which I have related fields and I am formatting in terms of text alignment.  I have one line that has 2 fields on it, that I would like to display with an area larger than a space.  Right now, I just have a few 'extra' spaces in the layout, so it appears as such:

Coll. #: <<Spec::Number>>     Date: <<Spec::Date>>

However, sometimes if the Spec::Number field is long, this results in the Date field wrapping around to the next line - if possible I would always like these fields to stay on the same line.  I have tried doing 'full' text alignment through the Format menu, but this does not work, as sometimes the Number is so short that it does not 'trigger'.

In short, is there any way I can make it so that these 2 fields appear on either ends of the line?  As in, I would like Number to always be left aligned, and Date to be right aligned?

I hope that makes sense - I can clarify if necessary.  Any help is appreciated!