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    alignment problem



      alignment problem


           When I save my table form in pdf. - the field name line is not quite aligned with the table.


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               OS? WIn Mac? Version?  Filemaker version?

               Font Used?  PDF created with FMP or??

               Open a Starter Solution and it exhibits same problem?

               Does it matter?

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                 I use Filemaker Pro 11 and am saving it from "Preview" to the pdf. (My font is just Times Roman) As you see from my example, the top line of fields starting with Ref # and ending with Mun. Color is slightly off from the bottom. It matters as these are going to be used in a pottery publication with pottery "plates".


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                   I thought I'd show an example of what I'm trying to fix - the column from the fields does not line up with the columns below.

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                     If you select a field while in layout mode, you can select the position tab while in the inspector, click the units shown to cycle them until the read Pts or Pixels, then you can increase or decrease a layout object width such as the field or the field label by one pixel and you can adjust it's position the same way.