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All different types of contacts

Question asked by FFFC on Apr 8, 2010
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All different types of contacts



I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 and would like some advice.

I have to set up a database to hold all our contacts, the thing is there are many differnt type of contacts ie, students, staff, external contacts, children who participate in our Saturday program etc. So therefore I will need different layouts for each type of contact. Would I be best to have all contacts in the one table or should I have separate tables? The thing is some childen who participate in our Saturday program become students, so I want it to be able to make them students but still keep the information about them while they were in the Saturday program. Yet I don't want them in there twice. Same with students that graduate, some become staff - I want to still be able to view their schooling information as well as staff member information.

Hope I make sense.