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    All fields layout



      All fields layout


      Is there a simple way to make a layout with all fields, ordered in some particular order, and in one long column so it looks "neat"?

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          Create a new layout (form view).   Select 'Move All' on the fields.


          Now FM tries to help but doesn't.  If the field is text, it will make the field 253 px wide; number, 79, time at 121 and timestamp at 241.  Why those particular numbers are chosen is beyond me - it doesn't matter on which font or font size (that changes the height of the field but not the default width.  Anyway, I digress ...


          It will automatically right-align the labels next to the fields (which is good).  Now click once to select any field.  Then select Edit and then [SHIFT] Select All.  This will grab fields only and all fields.  Then Arrange > Resize to largest width.


          UPDATE:  You can also drag around all of your fields (only) and then perform Arrange.


          DOUBLE UPDATE: Oh, if you arrange your fields in Define Fields (select pop-up top left 'view by') you can change the order.  Then when you create your layout, it will be in same order. 


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            The problem with aligning is that it selects the labels and the fields when you select all

            how can i select them as just the fields and just the labels?

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              There should be no need to align, as I indicated.  But if you wish to align only the labels, do as suggested on the labels ... select one label and then hold down shift and Edit > Select All.  It will grab all labels only.  Then from menu, select Arrange > Align.  Same with fields. 


              What exactly is the desire result you are looking for?  Maybe we should start with that. :smileyhappy:


              UPDATE:  Let me clarify a bit more ... select a single label so the handles appear on it.  Then hold down the shift key while then selecting from Menu - Edit > Select All.  This will select all labels on a layout for group changing.  The same will happen if you select a single label, hold shift and then Edit > Select All.

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                actually, i think it is OPTION-edit, not shift edit???

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                  Mac vs PC, different key.