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All fields updating - new to FM

Question asked by MichaelHokanson on Oct 5, 2012
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All fields updating - new to FM


     I'm trying to learn to use FM and my first exercise is a support ticketing system. I have gotten most of the DB to work properly, but I have a field called 'Last_Update' that I'd like to have update with the contents of the most recently filled note field on my notes table. I'm attaching a diagram of my DB. If someone puts a note in field Note_03 on the Notes table, and there are no notes in Note_04-Note-10 then Note_03 should copy to the Last_Update field on the General Table where the Ticket_number matches. The problem I'm running into is that if I run the script from a record with Note_03 being the most recent update, all records are having their respective Note_03 field assigned to Last_Update, even if they are empty or not the most recent note for that ticket. I briefly tried searching the forums for similar issues, and tried Googling for quite a while, but didn't find anything to help solve this problem (I'm probably using incorrect search terms though). Any ideas?