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    all in 1 table??



      all in 1 table??


           Helloo guys,
           i need to create a db.

           my informations are:

           name,lastname,country,city,address,birth,weight,height,job,sex,car and one container with photo.

           what you suggested to do?all in one table or more tables?

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               Maybe, maybe not.

               This appears to be a list of contacts.

               Could they have more than one address (such as a billing address and a shipping address)?

               If you need to record a phone number, many people have multiple phone numbers. Do you need to record such phone numbers?

               Might you need to record information for more than one car?

               Might they work more than one job?

               An answer of yes to any one of these questions suggests that you might want to set up a related table so that you can record a flexible number of instances of that data for that one contact.

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                 each person has one car one job

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                   Did you take a look at the Contacts Starter Solution?  Might be all you need.