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    All records somehow have the same number



      All records somehow have the same number


           I work for a screen printing company and we're using FileMaker Pro 9.0 v3 to archive unique films. So, each new set of films will have a 5 digit art number and we print each FileMaker tag to go with that set of films. It's very important that the FileMaker tags match the films' design numbers. Somehow, FileMaker pro has conformed ALL 25,325 film records to have the same number. I don't know how this happened or how to reverse this. It happened around the same time last year as well and I couldn't find a way to fix it without manually changing ALL 25,325 film records. 

           Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how were you able to fix this? Were you able to at all? The "undo" feature under "Edit" is gray, so I can't even try that. I tried calling FileMaker and they basically told me to search the forums or try Google. If anyone here can help, please let me know. I don't want to spend company money trying to manually revert something that can be fixed in just a few keystrokes.


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               I can think of four possible scenarios that might produce the result shown in your screen shot:

          1.           The number is a layout text object. Since this is a part of your layout, you see the same value no matter what record you select.
          3.           The number is in a field with global storage specified. This is something you can check in Manage | Database | Fields. Since it has global storage, you have one value stored that is the same for all records in the table.
          5.           The number is from a field from a related table and your relationship is matching to the same record no matter which record is current on your layout. THis might be due to a relationship based on the X operator instead =, or the values in a match field has been been altered to be the same in every record of the table.
          7.           Replace field contents or some other method such as a script has put the same value in every field of your table.