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    Allow data entry only



      Allow data entry only


      I have set up a client questionnaire which I want them to fill out.  But I don't want them be able to see what other clients have said.  Can I restrict access to a form/table so that they can only enter data and not view other responses.  I have tried chaning the security setting but can't figure out the right combination.  Is this where I shoudl be doing this? Any help would be great.

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          You could have a form with the same fields as the 'true' data entry form, except that each field is a global.  You can set the privileges and a start-script that means the user only sees that version of the form.  When the user comes to fill in the form they create a new record and complete their responses in those global fields.  Then there is a 'Post Answers' button, which copies all of their answers into the 'real' fields (which they never get to see).

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            Thanks for your response.  I have done what you suggested follwing the instruction from here http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3178/~/allowing-data-entry-while-prohibiting-editing-or-viewing-of-records  

            But doing this I get a new record each time in the table both global fields and non-global fields.  This means that the records keep increasing even thought the gloabl fields are all the same.

            Would it be possible to have a form with global fields which are copied to table (non global fields)  and then reset the form some how so that a new new record is not creacted each time.   I don't want client to accidently open an previoius record and overwrite any data.

            Basically what I am wondering about is can I have one record for the global fields by multplie records for non-global fields?  That is one form whihc all clients complete which is copied to a new non-global record each time





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              "This means that the records keep increasing" - you want to keep a record of the responses, yes?  So your records would increase by one every time someone completed a questionnaire?

              You only need one table.  It is a table with all the fields holding the answers, and a 'duplicate' (well, very similar) set of fields in the same table that are a mirror of the real-answer fields, but are all set as globals.

              The scenario would be:

              - User opens the file and clicks a button to create a new Questionnaire
              - A new record is created and they are taken to a layout that only has the global fields.  They are blank.
              - They complete their responses, entering the data into the global fields.
              - When they are finished they click the button to 'Submit my answers'
              - That script copies all of the global values into the 'real answer' fields.
              - You can set it to clear the global fields after it has copied them across.

              - the next user comes along and clicks the 'New Questionnaire' button and starts the second record.
              - no user needs to see any responses, their own or otherwise.

              - as the administrator you will have access to the layout that can look exactly the same as the data-collection layout, except it has all the 'real' fields.

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                Thank you I have followed your suggestions.  It works realy well.