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Allow field to be modified only if...

Question asked by abitech on Feb 25, 2011
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Allow field to be modified only if...



I have a data field in my batabase that is automatically filled with a date 2 months from another date field. Example:

Last visit date= 01/01/2011 (inserted manually)                

Next visit due date= 01/03/2011 (updated automatically)

I know how to make the second field not modifiable, but I would like to allow modifying only after entering a comment on why the date has been changed. My idea would be:

1) a pop-up window opens and asks "Why are you changing the date?";

2) the operator enters some text in the pop-up, which is then saved into a text field;

3) the pop-up closes down and the operator can modify the date field.

If he/she doesn't write anything, a pop-up says "You can't change the date without giving an explanation!", the field stays as it is and can't be modified. Can anyone advise me on how to do this?

Thank You.