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Alpha bar

Question asked by gldiaz on Aug 27, 2013
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Alpha bar


     Hello All,

     I am in need to understand a couple of items.

     1. I need to have either a method to obtain a "Alpha Bar", which has 0-9 and A-Z buttons, so I can
         request a search of either Persons Names or Business Locations, starting with a Letter I select.

     I.e.  0-9  A   B   C   D   etc.
        I am not sure if a portal would be best to generate, with a TAB of Persons, starting with the Letter A,
        and the Alpha Bar would be listed above to allow me to get and select Persons with a different letter, which
        would then replace the list of defaulted Names starting In A's to the newly selected letter of choice.

     So, in essence, let say I have a layout with Name information, i.e Name, Address, Wk type etc., listed in TAB,
     of PERSONS, LOCATIONS and Work Order#.
     The default is a Alpha listed name of PERSONS,  giving me FUll Names starting In A's., I hope to go to the
     Alpha Bar, and Choose, If I need "Let's say another letter".  I chose it and list comes up replacing in the box
     the new names, starting with that letter. Let's say, [S],  I get a list replacing the A's with the S's.

     The same process would be need for LOCATIONS.
     If I select the Tab, of Location, the default list will start with Locations, by Name, i.e.
     Adams Factory
     Arizona Wines
     Atwell Tires  etc.

     I then need to select from the drop down, Let's say, Arizona Wines - I then get the Layout for Locations and a
     population of informaton in the Location Layout of Arizon Wines.

     I think I know what I am hoping for, but maybe too lenghty in explaining,

     #2.  Are Alpha Bar buttons already available? Where would I look for them and aquire them,