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Alpha Five style browse

Question asked by TonyReynolds on Sep 24, 2012
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Alpha Five style browse


     I am looking at possibly changing over to FMP from Alpha Five V11.  FMP has several key features that I really like. 

     Just so you know where I am starting from...I am a strength coach by trade and have no formal background in programming. I have tinkered with A5 since v8 however.

     I am on week 2 of my FMP trial and have a question.  Alpha five uses a browse which is similar to FMP portals in that is shows a list of related records. With the browse I can easily do a few things that I am struggling to figure out with FMP.

     1) "Record lists"-For example, I would have a contacts form based on a single table.  I could put a browse on a form that would show all of the records (i.e. contacts) in the table. Selecting a record from the browse would then populate the form fields with that records info (for instance: name and address info.)  I cannot seem to make this work in FMP. I can get a list of records using a portal, but cannot get the portal record selection to display in the form fields.

     2)  Related browses-For example, I could have two related tables...lets say "contacts" and "phone_numbers."  I could put 1 browse on a form that would list all of the contacts in the contact table. I could put a second browse on a form that would list all of the phone numbers for the current contact.  Selecting a different contact from the contact browse would populate the phone number browse with that select contacts phone numbers.  The browses were related based off of the relationship establised "behind" the sceens. 

     I am sure these things are easy to do and I am simply missing them in the help files. Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

     Thanks in advance...and I hope my questions are not confusing.