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    alphabetical labels



      alphabetical labels


      FileMaker Pro 9, Windows XP 

      I have found the records (814). Every time I go to sort, the default is full name and at the top left it is "current layout (list view)" so I change to "current table" and remove "full name" on right and add "last name" and then "first name" and then sort.  In list view, form view and table view, they are all sorted the right way, but when I go to "view address labels"  they are sorted by first name.  If I hit "continue" and go back, list view, table view and form view are now like the address labes and it still says "sorted" on the left.

      In "layout" view the address label is Avery 5160 last name, first name  next line street address, next line, city state, next line postal code.

      Please tell me what I'm missing!  I need the labels to print out in alphabetical order by last name, then first name. 


      Thank you in advance :smileyhappy:

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          Have you looked for script triggers based on OnLayoutLoad or other?  It sounds like there's a script being launched that sorts the records when you go to that layout.


          (I'm assuming you're on FMP10)

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            This could be a lesser known "feature" associated with table occurrences. If I'm following this description correctly, you have two layouts. you're sorting the records on the first layout, but when you switch layouts, the records no longer appear in the same order.


            In layout setup... check the table occurrence name shown in the Show Records From box for each layout. I suspect that you'll see a different name in this box. Here's the lesser known detail: even though your two table occurrences may refer to the same data source table, the sort order, current record, and found set are associated with the table occurrence not the data source table.


            The solution: Switch to your labels layout first, then sort them. Or you can update the Table Occurrence names in the two layouts to refer to the same one.


            Many folks get confused over the terms Table and Table Occurrence. To learn more, click the following link:

            Table vs. Table Occurrence (Tutorial)


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                 Excellent!  I chose the label view first, then sorted and printed just as needed.  Thank you!