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    Alphabetical sorting



      Alphabetical sorting


      I am new to databases and Filemaker in particular.  Have been learning about all features.


      I have a functioning database with 4200 patient records created and it is working well.  Here is my question.


      When one of my employees enters a new record the records are, of course, kept in the order in which they were entered.  When a search is performed not all records for a lastname are located.


      It seems to be resolved if I do a manual alpha sort of the db by lastname.


      I know there must be a way to write a script to automatically do an alpha sort after each new record is entered.  I just don't know how to write this script so that it can be automatically executed, invisible to the user.

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          Pedorthist wrote:

           When a search is performed not all records for a lastname are located.


          Why would be the first question.




          As for your question, if you have 10 or higher, you could use a script trigger to run your sort script.


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            I have seen this behavior when the index to a field was corrupted.


            You might try re-indexing the field or importing your data into a clone of your file.


            To re-index a field you simply set it's indexing option to off, close and re-open manage database, and then turn it back on.