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Altering a Core 2 invoice solution

Question asked by willrollo on Jul 25, 2012
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Altering a Core 2 invoice solution


I have given in and bought this invoice solution as I was trying to base my own on it but could not! I was wondering if anyone (Phil?) could suggest the best way to adjust one part of it that I have. The Core2 has an invoice table that contains all invoice details (Called Invoices). However, my original solution has an Invoice details table that contains all the invoice details except the invoice number. This is under a related table as well as a quotes table and orders table - they all contain the relevent id numbers. This allows sequential numbering of quotes/orders/invoices. 

Do I create fk fields in the  invoices table that are filled out via a script to copy over the pk field from the adjoining table (three lots of these, quotes, invoices and orders)?


Hope this makes sense...