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    Altering the Check out asset system from template.



      Altering the Check out asset system from template.


           Firstly let me pre apologise for how rudimentary my filemaker knowledge is.


      We created this db from the asset template supplied with filemaker pro 13


           We have set up a system to log all the hard drives that come through our department. 

           Each drive is given a barcode asset tag and scanned into our system.

           when drives go out we can log them out with the system pre written into the asset db

           what we would like to do is alter this system:

           we would like to be able to enter all of the info into the check out system but not have a return date or ideally be able to set the drive to being delivered.

           sorry if this is incoherent please ask questions i will try to answer as best as possible.



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               Hi Josh,

               If you don't want a return date to be taken into account, you need to remove the "Date Due Popover" elements from each asset details layout (desktop, iPhone, iPad) while in Layout Mode. 

               You also need to modify the script called "Trigger | On Check-Out Close"  to disable the line 


                    Set Field [Assets::Date Due; Assets::Date Due Popover]

               You might also want to check the script "Trigger | On Check-In Close" for any mention of the Date Due or Date Due Popover fields and disable them as well.