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Alternate background fill based on conditional formatting

Question asked by abailey3313 on Apr 20, 2011
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Alternate background fill based on conditional formatting


I currently have alternate background fill set on a layout where end-users can go in and view a list of specified items. Right now it alternates white/silver.

To add some bells and whistles, I'd like to give users the chance to switch the alternating fill color with the click of a button. On the screenshot you'll see the radio buttons set to Blue, Green, Red, and None. None is the default and gives the white/grey fill. Then I've got a transparent box pushed to the back behind the different lines attached to a global field, as such: 

ProductionWorkOrder::gView Color = "Blue"

ProductionWorkOrder::gView Color = "Red"

ProductionWorkOrder::gView Color = "Green"

It works really well. They click the Blue radio button, the background goes blue, etc. However, it doesn't alternate the fill, it just sets the whole thing to that color.

Is there a programatic way to set up alternate fill on a Body part?