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    Alternate Range (...) operator search



      Alternate Range (...) operator search


       I am hoping to construct a search feature to bring up all records between the parameters of two fields searching for the criteria within one field. That sounds confusing. What I have is a decimal based field of part dimension. Rather than use the range operator of 3 dots in between two values (as those values will also have decimal points thus confusing the operation) I wanted to find all records in the part dimension field with the dimension criteria between two fields searching that part dimension field.

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          Hi Mike

          If you script this search using a custom dialogue box and for input fields you use two global fields, you can then perfrom the find adding the ... in the background to make the search as seemless as possible.  Alternatively place these two global fields on a layout for users to enter criteria into with a search button that then performs the find putting the calculated search criteria into the required field.

          Hope this helps