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    Alternative to Importing Large File



      Alternative to Importing Large File


           Hi Everyone

           I have a large file that I need to import into my Filemaker Pro 12 database daily; sometimes twice a day. I import from an Excel sheet which has around 35,000 records (and maybe around 10 fields in each record). The import takes forever, and I'm hoping to find a workaround that saves me time.

           I need to import this file as there are certain fields in here that change daily and regulary. This information is pulled from another database that I am working alongside.

           I've tried a script that deletes all records, and imports everything as a new record. I'm currently updating matching records. I don't know which is quicker but they both take forever.

           In Access, you can link to an external Excel spreadsheet as a data source - this would be the ideal solution here, I think. Can this be done?

           If not, does anyone have any suggestions to speed up this process for me?



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               If you can set up a named range in the excel spreadsheet, then you might be able to import just the records in the named range. I doubt that will work for you here though.

               It is possible, I have read, to use ODBC to link FileMaker to an Excel File as a data source for your database. I'd check into that option as you can then use one of two methods for importing data from the ODBC data source into a table in FileMaker. I seem to recall that at least one method uses a SQL query so you should be able to limit which rows of data from the excel file get imported.

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                 Thank you for your answer, I'll see if I can find out more about that. I'll post back here if I do!