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    Alternative to Quicken?



      Alternative to Quicken?


           Is there a template to replace Quicken? I have been using quicken for about 8 years alongside FMP8 (for invoicing) and would prefer to have FileMaker 12 handle my various check book registers. I do not need any online auto reconciling. I just need a basic check book/ charge card register template with reconciling that allows me to run custom reports (easily) at tax time.



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               There is no "template" to replace Quicken. Although it's not that big a deal to set up cheque registers in FileMaker, Quicken does a whole lot more than that. I have a complex solution that involves invoicing. I also run Quicken. It's not a bad idea to use both especially as you make changes to a FileMaker solution and want to check your results at year-end when it's tax time.