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Alternative to summary fields

Question asked by AlexTorry on Dec 1, 2013
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Alternative to summary fields


     Hello everyone!

     I've been working on my DB for quite a while and now switched to a remote Host, the thing is, like we all know that the problem with summary fields when having large amount of records is that it drmatically slows down performance by importing all records from host to client and showing that hated summarizing field "" dialog.

     I have been reading intensively about this but still haven't found an alternative to this issue in a practical and efficient way.

     As simple as this may sound, I have a table called charges where I store sales for my patients in fields such as charged_amount, paid_ammount, etc... then when I get monthly reports or patients balances the problem comes when summarizing all that data, because of this it makes no sense at all to have a reports layout if it becomes that slow when calculating, I actually think that the whole Database idea is worthless without this capability. (I am wondering why filemaker has not done anything about it).

     Anyways...It is very frustrating after all this time of work and money invested to realize that filemaker has such a big performance issue.......

     Anybody with a practical solution to this please?

     Thanks in advance.