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    Always open at the same record



      Always open at the same record


           I have a database (yes, don't we all?) that always opens at the same record (of 2600+) with a find of one. No matter what I do, make a new record, close in many different states it always opens at the same record. I have worked around this by writing a script "show all" followed by "go to last' but it is bugging me.


           Any ideas?


           I assumed a corrupt index but 'recovering' the file makes no difference. I can't delete that record as it has dependencies on an auto-entered ID field.

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               Is the file on your local machine or hosted over the network?

               Changes to the found set from a client won't change what found set appears the next time the client opens the DB. You can change this "default" found set by taking the file down off the server, opening the file in Filemaker Pro, Showing all records and then you can return the file to the server for hosting.