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Am I asking the impossible for a layout?

Question asked by MadMacs on Jun 12, 2011
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Am I asking the impossible for a layout?


Most of my layouts (except reports) are based on just a Body section with a JPG image behind that provides a graphical appearance with fields, pictures buttons etc over laid. This is great and gives a good predictable result and is easy for non techy users. Most of my layouts are not for printing, only the reports where I use conventional headers and footers etc.  

I have a table to manage tasks that is totally separate to my main database but created a field called CompanyID in my main and task tables - it serves no purpose other than to establish a relationship between the two so that I can have my tasks appearing in certain layouts in the main table. I tried using a portal to show tasks with limited success as the scripts I have written to filter views in the portal e.g., current outstanding tasks, tasks falling due in the next 7 days, tasks due by end of month, completed tasks etc don’t work with the portal because its just looking at the table. My scripts work exactly the way I want them to in a list layout. So I’ve given up with portals, even though they should be a more flexible solution. The problem with a list view report is that it mucks up the graphic appearance. I have taken my JPG background and cropped it into three, a header and footer and a narrow strip that sits behind the report fields in the list. All great where I have data, the strips seamlessly tile but once there is no more data lines, I have a huge yawning white gap until the footer section. If I use a wider strip, it just widens the gap between the lines of data. So my question is: is there someway of tiling the narrow JPG strip to ensure the white space to the footer is filled. Sorry this is a bit of a long winded question but any suggestions would be very helpful as on the face of it, I would have thought including a task portal should have been a simplest and most flexible solution.  I take it a layout within a layout is not possible - would have been great if you could have linked a portal to a specific layout so it presented data in a list view like a layout!