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    Am I missing something?



      Am I missing something?


      I am somewhat new to filemaker and I have been on the forums/tutorials/support sites and not found a good answer.

      What I am trying to do seems very simple in theory but I am not sure if filemaker can easily do what I am trying. 

      - I have 6 FM users - 5 on mac 1 on windows.

      - We have a dedicated mac that we are using for a server. 

      - I have +10,000 pdf files that I am trying to store as references (to not slow down the server) - so we can all share

      - I have had to (with some difficulty) store the pdf folders in a shared place, then get all the users to use the same file path. 

      Is there a "best practice" for what I am trying to do? Am I missing something? 


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          The simplest solution for navigation would be to have a separate harddrive or partition to store the PDFs.

          HD (named Data?) > pdfs

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            Your client machines must be able to mount the drive/directory where you've stored the PDF files. Mac and windows systems map shared directories--such as the one where you are storing your PDFs--differently. You can see the differences by creating a calculation field that returns text where you just enter the name of the container field as its sole term. The third line of text in this field will show the filepath stored when a file was inserted into the container field.

            You can then insert a file one the Mac in one record and insert the same file from the windows machine in another record to see how the file paths differ.

            You can either use two different container fields--one for mac and one for windows or you can write a calculation field that computes the correct filepath for the current user's platform set to return "container" as its field type.