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Am I missing something?

Question asked by ScottDouglass on Oct 22, 2010
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Am I missing something?


I am somewhat new to filemaker and I have been on the forums/tutorials/support sites and not found a good answer.

What I am trying to do seems very simple in theory but I am not sure if filemaker can easily do what I am trying. 

- I have 6 FM users - 5 on mac 1 on windows.

- We have a dedicated mac that we are using for a server. 

- I have +10,000 pdf files that I am trying to store as references (to not slow down the server) - so we can all share

- I have had to (with some difficulty) store the pdf folders in a shared place, then get all the users to use the same file path. 

Is there a "best practice" for what I am trying to do? Am I missing something?