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Am I on the right track?

Question asked by SharonWorthington on May 13, 2015
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Am I on the right track?


I am brand new to FM, learning through a step by step book, but due to time constraints I wanted to check if I have the concept right? I'm concerned that I might be thinking this all wrong. I am thinking that I would build a table to contain timekeeping records and use other tables as lookups for each of the fields i.e., employee, task, location?

I started reading the look up process and am wondering if I have my concept correct. I thought I should do a "sound check" as I build this data base. It will be loaded onto an IPad from a windows desktop and an update email sent from the Ipad daily to load into the db timekeeping table possibly using a form?

I am so "Access" trained I need to wrap my head around a whole new way to build it seems.  Thanks so much.