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    Amateur - Creating a new customer Database



      Amateur - Creating a new customer Database



      Please bear with me, I am new to databases, but understand how they work, but may not know all of the lingo.  I think Filemaker Pro is the right program for me, but am not sure.  I am currently trying the 30 day trial.  If I can figure out how to make the database(s) that I want, I will certainly purchase as it seams very affordable.

      I am very confused if I need different files saved as different things, or if I can create different tables within the same database.  I have tried to create multiple tables, but can't figure out how to.


      What I am trying to do:

      I want to create a customer database to track quotes and orders.  We are a little unique in that all of our products are custom made for each customer.  

      Each Item we quote is different for each customer, therefore I can't have a "set list of items for sale".  Also to further complicate things, each quantity we quote has a different price.  

      I would like to be able to search a customer for all of the items we quoted, click on an item, and see all of the quantities and the pricing.  If they order that item, I would like to have a record of that.


      Currently we just use an invoicing program (Quickbooks) to issue invoices on products sold, but all items are categorized together.  Also, quotes are hand written, and filed in file cabinets by customer.


      There are industry specific programs available to track sales and quotes (Kiwiplan, Harry-Rhodes Systems, Advantzware, and others) but they cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Being a small business, I don't see the expense in those systems.


      Can Filemaker do what I am hoping it can?  Any "Filemaker for dummies" type books or guides anyone can recommend?


      Thank you in advance for your help.



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          Yes Filemaker can do this but can you do it with fileMaker? There are training tutorials--even youtube videos and you can go to a site like Amazon and research both books on the subject and the reader reviews posted about them.

          How to create a table in a FileMaker File:

          Select Manage | Database from the File Menu.

          Click the Tables tab.

          Enter the name of the table and click create.

          You now have added a table to your file, but it has zero fields defined and no relationships to other tables.

          You can click the fields tab and add fields much like you just added the table--enter a name and click create, but now you can specify a "field type" for each field such as date, text, number, etc.

          When you create a new table, FileMaker creates a box on the relationships tab with the same name. this box is called a "table occurrence". It is a way to refer to your table of the same name, but you can create more 'boxes' than this first one that also refers to your table. FileMaker also creates a layout for you with the same name as your table. If you go to this table, enter layout mode and select "Layout Setup..." from the layouts menu, you'll see a dialog appear with a drop down list called "Show Records From". You'll find that fileMaker has selected your table occurrence of the same name as your table for you in this drop down and thus your layout can be used to display and edit records from your new table. Just as you can create more table occurrences that refer to the same table, you can also create more layouts that refer to the same table occurrence.