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Amount of time summery help

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Dec 6, 2014


Amount of time summery help



I have a table of schedule times.  each time has a check box that displays users from the available labor pool for that event.  I would like to calculate the amount of time a user is schedule to be on site.  


The most complicated part is that a user might be on site for a period of time and then off site and then return.  
I would need to sum the total amount of time between 2 the first and last time a user is associated with.  For example:
7:00 am - Pick up truck at warehouse - user 1
8:00 am - Call time on site - user 1, 2, 3
10:00 am - User 1 leave for next delivery- User 1
12:00 pm -Event Start - User 2,3
5:00 PM - Event end, Strike and truck back on site - User 1,2,3
8:00 pm- Strike end - User 1,2,3
9:00 pm - return truck to warehouse - User 1
Time on site Summary needed  from related user record
User 1 - 7 Hours
User 2 - 12 hours
User 3 - 12 hours
I fear I will need more input in the scheduling table to make this work if it is even possible
I have 2 tables related to each user from the labor pool.  one contains related times in ascending order and the other contains related times in descending order.  From the labor pool record, i have a calc that gets me the amount of time on site.  it works perfectly but it does not take into account the scenario were a user is schedule to go off site and return