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An Indent Numbered List

Question asked by markgordie on Nov 9, 2013
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An Indent Numbered List


     Is there a way to create a numbered list with two fields?  As an example using [Field 1] aka 'Section' and [Field 2] aka Sub-Section,  to create something like this:

     1. [Field 1] Section

          1.1 [Field 2] Sub-Section
          1.2 [Filed 2]
          1.3 [Field 2]

     2. [Filed 1]

          2.1 [Field 2]
          2.2 [Field 2]

     The numbers would only be populated if there are contents in the field so I cannot just have them directly on a layout.  Each Section may have a different number of sub-sections.

     Any help would be appreciated thank you.