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AND Relationship vs. OR relationship

Question asked by chf on Mar 21, 2015
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AND Relationship vs. OR relationship


I am sure there is a simple fix to this problem, but i can't for the life of me figure it out.  

I am making a database to keep track of laboratory animals and their breeding history. 

I have two tables in my filemaker database, one is an "animal inventory" list, and one is an "animal breeding history" list.  Each table is featured in its own layout.  Basically, each animal in the inventory has a unique number associated with it when you create a new record.  Within the details part of the inventory, I have a small list that I would like to self-populate whenever a new "animal breeding history" record involving that animal number is populated.  This would give a quick snapshot of breeding history within each animal's inventory details page.

Currently, I have a relationship that says "animal inventory::animal number = animal breeding history:: male animal number".  Then when I put the "date of use" field from the "animal breeding history" table into the inventory layout, it works perfectly.  Now my problem is, in any given breeding, there are two animals, a male and a female.  I would like to be able to make a relationship that says if the either the male OR the female animal number matches any given number in the inventory records, it should auto populate the "date of breeding" field in the inventory list.  I can see that in the relationship you can have an AND function, but can you change that to be an OR?

Sorry if this is super confusing, I am new to filemaker haha.

Thank you!