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Anesthesia record - charting meds given over time

Question asked by dsimonson on Oct 26, 2014
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Anesthesia record - charting meds given over time


In my anesthesia record solution, I plan to have the user enter "observations", which are timed data entry records that contain medication name, amt, and time given.  

I want to display these in a graphic format, across the top of an anesthesia record.  For example:

Fent 2  1  

The attached screen shot will show what I am trying to imitate.  A typical anesthesia record has a grid of about 3 - 4 hours in 5 minute increments, with major gridlines at 15 minutes.  I tried to do this with portals, but they only go vertically.  I then tried setting up a bunch of portals strung horizontally with the subsequent record in each one, but this doesn't seem very elegant.  

Ideas?  Thanks.

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