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annoying auto format with copy paste

Question asked by CrystalWater on Mar 17, 2011
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annoying auto format with copy paste


In 2009, I upgraded from FM pro 7 to version 10. Mostly it was a good upgrade, but what has been totally frustrating is the auto formatting of copy paste function when you copy formatted text out of another application and paste into Filemaker. It's so annoying because it overrides the formatting we set for that field not only in that layout but in ALL layouts through the entire database. Okay, maybe some people want to keep the formatting from a copy paste outside of filemaker, but I don't really see the purpose of it aside to annoyingly and mistakenly change all formatting we have taken tedious time to set in the layouts. What seems totally insane is that Filemaker does not have a setting to DISABLE this function and especially since it goes throughout all layouts not just the one you are on.

From what I read online it seems in FMP 11 there is still no setting for this.

So far I've found these ways semi-simple (hope this helps people having the same issue):

-after copying a formatted text, paste into FM with option-command-V (kind of difficult to do with one hand)

-after copying a formatted text, paste into FM with command-V, then immediately command-z (undo).

-in manage database, click on the field in question (where you don't want to keep formatted text), selection options, Auto Enter Calculated value, TextFormatRemove ( Self ), make sure to uncheck do not replace. 

I'm wondering if anyone has any good simple solutions to this aside from what I've found.

PLEASE please please Filemaker, make a simple preference setting for this. After being a dedicated FM user for at least 15 years, this "feature" has been the most annoying thing considering that there is no preference and you have to do serious work arounds. Or if you don't do a setting, at least make it so that formatted pasted text only happens in that ONE layout and not in ALL layouts.