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Another "Recover" Scenario

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Feb 21, 2011
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Another "Recover" Scenario



    One of the files in my multi-file solution always "fails" the Recover operation. I've tried Recover on backups of this file from up to five years ago! They all come up with the same message. Here's how it goes. I try a Recover and the log reports problems. The "Recovered" version always creates two fields named "Recovered" and a table named the same. If I open the Recovered file and delete the created table and fields, then run Recover again, it comes up clean. 

    I only do this as an academic exercise since I have no problems whatsoever with this file. It just seems bizarre that when I delete the tables/fields CREATED by the Recover operation, then run Recover, it comes up clean, but the original file always reports problems. I haven't succumbed to replacing my file with the "clean" Recovered/Recovered version but I'm starting to consider the idea (of course with multiple backups in place).