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Another attendance register question

Question asked by tomo17 on Jan 11, 2012
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Another attendance register question


I have been reading through the threads related to this topic and have hit a road block when creating an attendance register. I am able to pull up a classlist but cannot work out how i add/select the date that i wish to take the attendance for.

I have set up the tables and relationships as follows based on what i have read through the threads:

Student Info::StudentID=Enrolment::StudentID



Student Info::StudentID=Attendance::StudentID



When i goto a layout based on the classes table with an enrolment portal i am able to populate the claslist but cannot work out how i add the date for the current class (preferably for all students in the class) and then repeat for the same class later in the week without overriding the initial entry.


Thanks for any advice or pointing me in the direction where this has been discussed.