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Another Calculation based on another field's value problem

Question asked by JimBessette on Nov 22, 2013
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Another Calculation based on another field's value problem


     Using Filemaker 11 Pro.  Sorry this got quite long to describe.
     I have:
     all simple "=" relationships there.
     Tour::TourCompleted is a Y/N field
     Tour::Points is a Number field
     Though I know I'd prefer not to (trying to be all relational I expect would
     be better), I copy those fields via a calculation like MT::P = Tour::P and
     MT::TC = T::TC to MemberTour::Points and MemberTour::TourCompleted.
     MemberTour::PointTotal is a Summary field  = Total of Points
     Layout using Tourer
     Portal using MemberTour shows each Tour the Tourer has been on and the associatied points.
     Simple field of MemberTour::PointTotal gives a total of all points.  So far, so good.
     Following PhilModJunk's suggestions on this thread:
     I can do the 2nd method (using a portal) just fine to show only those tours that are completed (=Y).  Problem is I want to use that field in more calculations on this form; addition and subtraction of points.
     Not sure if it'll really help me or not to be able to use it in the calculations I need to do
     on this layout, but for the life of me, I can't get the 2nd method to work.
     I've tried all kind of things, but what I think I should have is this:
     New TO of MemberTour called MemberTourCompleted and added ConstTourCompleted calc value "Y" returned as Text.
     New TO of Tour called (for now) Tour2 (FM required it when I made the 2nd relationship shown below).
     MemberTour|Completed::fkTourKD>--Tour2::pkTourid  and
     Given that, I would think that MemberTour|Completed would only show me tours that have been
     completed.  But when I try to show the summary field (NOT in a portal) I can't seem to get the
     right # of Points.  It is still showing me total points for all tours, even those where
     the TourCompleted = N.
     My Calculations:
     MemberTour::Points Unstored, from MemberTour, = Tour::Points
     MemberTour::PointTotal  Summary = Total of Points
     Trying to display on the Layout:
     This shows me a total for all tours, not just completed tours.  I've created a 2nd portal from MemberTour|Completed (already had MemberTour) for my own comparison to see what's going on.  What is odd is that the Name of Tour field for the TourCompleted = N does not show up, but the Points field does.  I don't get it.
     I'm hoping that if I can get this to work, I can then use that field to add and subtract points based on other fields on the layout, to get a point balance.
     Any help would be greatly appreciated.