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Another conditional list newbie - ho hum!

Question asked by PaulSmith on Nov 24, 2010
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Another conditional list newbie - ho hum!



Sorry, but I'm just a simpleton from the land of sql:

I have a person table

I have a groups table which includes a flag to indicate whether this is a staff group

I have a group members table which is a junction of person/group

Now I have an email form on which I want to select "from" based on staff.

For the purposes of clarity this could be achieved elsewhere by making the following the source of my selection list.

select distinct person.personemail (or if I wanted to store the key person.personid)

from person, group, groupmembers

where groupmembers.personidfk=person.personid


and group.isStaffGroup=true

Any ideas how I can achieve this in filemaker, I've spent 3 days trying to work it out!

Many thanks,