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Another confusing question re portals and List views

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 9, 2012
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Another confusing question re portals and List views


Whilst waiting for a printing portal solution I thought I'd try and have a crack at another problem.


Tables:See diagram.

Layouts: Enquiry, Enquiry history. Orders, 


Relationship diagram attached.


I have an enquiry layout that shows the client's details. I then have a tabbed layout (looks like a tab but designed by me instead of using tab feature) that should show previous orders placed by the client for my reference. It shoudl show a job number (from Orders table) description (from lines table) and price extended (lines table). I have tried portals, single field body and list layout, but I dont get the list of orders specific to the record I was looking at (on a different layout, enquiries as using my own tabs). I just see all of the orders. How do I get filemaker to show only the related records to the record I was viewing? Shoudl I script trigger on entering the layout to related record? Portal? 

I understand if I amnot that clear so ask away. I do have more tables and layouts but thought these are the most relecvent to this question...