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Another Conventional Value List post...I think?!?!  HELP!!

Question asked by katerbugs on Jun 5, 2013
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Another Conventional Value List post...I think?!?!  HELP!!



I have been working on this all day and after lots of research and trial and error, I just cannot figure out what easy step I’m missing.  I am new to FM and am working on a database with a bunch of tables.  The ones I’m focused on right now are: Clients, Project Tasks, and Hours Logged.  My relations are as follows:  Client parent to Project Tasks and Project Tasks parent to Hours Logged. See below





I am trying to create a punch log (in hours logged table) where there is a pop-up that shows the client’s name (already created and working fine with a value list).  After they choose the client’s name, I want the Project Name field on the Hours Logged table to auto populate with only projects that are associated with that specific client (and I do want to take it a step further and have it be only pending projects.  I did create a field that says Pending or Completed, so I think I’ll be able to figure that part out later).  But I, for the life of me, cannot figure how to get the Project Name field to populate with a conditional value list based on what client is chosen.  I have scoured the internet and this site for an answer and looked at demos and tried solutions, however am stumped.  I tried Table Occurrences and am not sure if I’m over complicating it or not.  I can get it to populate, just not narrow down by client.  I feel it is something easy I’m missing and just hate that!


For some more info:  Fields on the Hours Logged table:  the ClientID field is where the user can choose from a pop-up list the client, and then I have the Project Name field that I want to populate after the client is chosen.  I hope I gave enough info, please let me know if you need anything else and/or what I’m missing!