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Another Drop Down Question

Question asked by MorkAfur on Apr 28, 2014
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Another Drop Down Question


     I have a customer table linked to a zip code table on zipcode. If I setup a portal for zip code, then enter the zip code in the customer table, I'll see the matching cities in the portal for that zip code.

     What I was hoping would be a simple extension on this doesn't appear to be that simple.

     Specifically, I'd like to use the portal's cities found for the matching zip code as a drop down that auto-populates when the user selects the zip code. This is clearly a contrived example, but I don't see how to make this work.

     I just want a selection drop down, not something that would modify a field.

     Based on other forum posts, this probably involves a global field, but I'm not sure why it's not easier to just create the list without these extra hacks. I suppose it's because all fields are bound to ... something and can't just be used as "pickers" as with other environments, right?

     Thanks in advance.