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Another fun layout question

Question asked by SamRembert on Jun 2, 2014
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Another fun layout question


     I've been having a great time with Filemaker 13's layout tools.  

     Now I have a burning question.  Another one I think may not be possible, but you guys have helped me a lot before!

     In the attached photo, you can see a list the way I currently have it on the left, and the way I want it on the right. On the bottom is my current layout.

     The big difference is that I'd like the graphic image of the gobo placed like it is to the side.  It's part of the Gobo sub-summary.  But as of v12, Filemaker cuts off anything that extends beyond the borders of a part.  I tried a portal, but it doesn't appear that portals allow sub-summaries.  Now...I could be completely wrong on that.

     Is there anyway to have the "Gobo" sub-summary overlap the "Type" sub-summary below?

     My other option is to just make the image smaller and place it within the confines of the Gobo summary, but I thought I'd ask.


     :) Sam